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About pureSalsa

pureSalsa ....

Dundee's School of Sabor!

pureSalsa was established in Summer 2010 under the Dundee Salsa/Latin Spice auspices. It's original aim was to provide a regular, Summertime, social dancing opportunity for existing Dundee Salseros (Salsa Dancers) and operated a weekly Tuesday night party in Braes Below on the Perth Road.

At the time it was not viewed as a long term venture, but was so popular it would spawn a highly successful Halloween social that year at the invitation of the venue.

However the bug had been caught, and there was an appetite for more chance to dance regularly the year round, amongst a then small, but highly motivated crowd.

Later that year, 'Latin Spice' would be reborn in Soul Niteclub, in the Seagate, as a weekly Sunday afternoon social. This would see the inclusion of formal classes as part of the project.

Latin Spice@Soul was enjoyed by many until the end of Spring 2011, when personal circumstances and the limitations of the venue space would bring it to a close.


It was shortly after this that Dundee Salsa would launch the Monday Mamberos project, now situated in the incredibly fit for purpose Mark Henderson Centre on Ann Street.

The format for the new Monday evening event would be revised and remodelled over Summer 2011, and the final product was launched the following Autumn with huge success.


William Quinn, principal promoter and instructor has been helped by several incredible assistant instructors since 2010, and now finds himself incredibly fortunate to have Julianna Naylor as his partner in crime. They have developed a very efficient, relaxed teaching method in class, able to adapt to the needs of each class and each person.


It was finally felt that the 'Dundee Salsa' trading name was no longer suitable, especially as we aren't the only Salsa School in town, and it fails to capture our passion or individualism in the scene.

After a great deal of brainstorming, 'pureSALSA' was born. Simple and to the point.

pureSALSA aims to deliver to students a pure dance education, unsullied with misinformed instruction, and a less than authentic syllabus. pureSALSA students will be able to walk into salsa parties around the country and around the world, and confidentally take to the floor with the best they find there!



William has been involved with Salsa for 10 years now, has instructed for 2, and now DJ's regularly for socials in Glasgow and Bannockburn as well as at home in Dundee.

He has benefitted from instruction with some of the world's finest, and has sought to learn only the best techniques as taught by the best schools in the world. 

This extends to the world of music too. Students of pureSalsa will be introduced to 'real' Salsa, not commercialised salsa 'pop' and will also be taught at least some of the history of both dance and music. It is thought that such knowledge can only improve the dancer's feel for his or her art!


It is through teaching both the best technique and exposing students to the best music and dance culture that the school promotes Sabor! or Latin Spice as a part of your life that you will wonder how you lived without before you found it here with pureALSA!


The story of pureSALSA is not yet complete. Whilst there is already a successful 6 week party social, and increasingly passionate dancing after Monday class, there is certainly scope for more! Get involved with pureSALSA now and be assured that the future holds more dancing, more music and more Sabor!