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Why Salsa?

Let's get one thing straight ...



It would be no problem to present a bullet list of all the benefits you could gain from taking up Salsa, but that would be rather sterile!

So instead I will tell you, briefly, what Salsa has meant to my life.....


I got started back during my postgraduate days, around 10 years ago in Aberdeen. Via a Japanese flatmate with a Venezuelan friend I hooked up with the local latino scene.

I would up being taken to Hoagies, a little basement bar/club hidden away in a largely residential area of the city centre. This was THE latin place for the city, and walking through those doors was something I'll never forget. It was a pretty small place, with a modest bar, tables and chairs that hadn't been changed in a decade or more.

There was a dancefloor that would hold maybe 10 couples comfortably, and a little DJ box hidden in the corner.

All fairly unremarkable except for two things:

                               The MUSIC                              




I 'think' the first track I heard was Etna by Grupo Niche, and with that I was sold on Salsa.

Which brings us to the Music. My goodness, the world of Salsa and latin music, is broad, immensely varied and joyful. I say more about the roots of Salsa here (link.)


This is a soundtrack for a joyful, passionate life.                                                                                    


I was be 'adopted' by some friendly Colombians and via them (and some Japanese supporters) I would take my first steps onto the dance floor.

Looking back I was absolutely clueless and a total disaster. I knew no better, and had a whale of a time.



- I encourage you all to try to emulate this feeling ie dancing like there are no competitors, no spectators judging, and without judging yourself! JUST ENJOY IT!

The people, well they were just awesome. A private members' club that only asked you to love Salsa to join; exotic and exclusive but also welcoming all with open arms! The membership came in all shapes and sizes and from the widest range of generations, and Im like everyone with the Salsa bug fitted right in.

People, especially the Colombians, Manolito (now back in Colombia) and Mauricio (who now promotes and DJs Salsa in Aberdeen & Edinburgh) made me feel very welcome indeed. I would go onto spend every available hour of its opening, dancing and hanging out in Hoagies, taking lessons there from Steve (still going strong), and taking every chance to drag friends along!

I LOVED it. Walking into that little latin bar changed my life, and all for the better.

I also found a new way to get an extremely good workout, as 3/4 hours of intense dancing certainly works up the sweat and the Heart Rate!

Hoagies is now, long gone, sadly.

Years on I would go onto help set up Salsa events with Mauro in Aberdeen, culminating with the launch of La Rumba Latina, which continues to be the paragon of northern Scotland Salsa events, bar none. (See left for me, the man in black, at the launch night of La Rumba!)

Work and Travel around the world from that point on would see me dance in continental Europe and both coasts of the US, greatly expanding and improving my dance experience.

Now I'm back in Dundee, and pureSALSA is my newest project to bring the best Salsa classes and social parties to the area!

 Here we come to another boon of Salsa: The International Salsa Family!

No matter where I travelled, I simply looked up the local salsa scene, and hey presto, ready made friends and contacts in the city! It's amazing.It has made my life so much richer having this ready vein of friends to tap into, almost anywhere in the world I travel.


Now let me say that the dance itself is also like a totally beneficial drug. It's addictive, to say the least.

Every time you make that connection you want to do it again, and again, and AGAIN.

Yes it's intimidating taking the floor in the early days, surrounded by what you think to be expert Salseros, but it's also exhilarating. Like stepping into a shark tank, but with less chance of being bitten (I don't say no chance!), it makes your Adrenaline flow. The satisfaction of seeing your own skills improve is immense, and every time you dance, this happens.

In short Salsa, the dance, is amazing, and it takes place within the world of amazing people and music I already described.

Join US!

I cannot recommend it to you more. pureSALSA can't promise you a journey identical to mine, but I do promise you something totally, and positively, life changing.

pureSALSA classes and social parties, here in Dundee, are waiting for you.