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Improvers Salsa Classes

What do you need to get started?    More Info

Drop-in now! or Reserve your place in the next formal session here (will be updated when next class dates announced)

Price: Classes are £3/£2.50 (students) or Multiclass ticket (5 classes) for £12/£10 (students)

Turn up 10 minutes early if at all possible to allow for maximum teaching time.

Smooth soled shoes are recommended ie old dress shoes, worn down sneakers.

If heels are worn then they should be supportive with a heel strap ie no courts, no ballerinas, no wedges. This is recommended to ladies learning, to maximise stability and attention to technique and not balance.


   Current Class Schedule: Monday evenings 8:00pm - 9:00pm (doors open 7:50pm)

    Important: If you plan to start in January, this class moves and merges with the 7pm class whilst Beginners runs (5 weeks - starting 19/01/2015)

    Location: The Steeple Church, Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4DG

    Parking: Street parking lot available


    Bus: Multiple services to City Centre

    One possible service:



What is expected of you?

To either:

i) Have completed the 5 week Beginners Course
ii) To have a firm grasp of the basic Salsa steps and techniques

ie Basic comprehension of the timing of the dance
   Solid grasp of the Basic Step
   Basic insights into good Leading and Following
   Decent grasp of the Right (simple) turn
   Nascent grasp of travelling turns (outside/inside)

  • A desire to truly develop every aspect of your dancing!
  • A willingness to achieve this step by step, with NO fudges!
  • A willingness to work with others to achieve a common goal.
  • The capacity to embrace all the fun and fulfillment Salsa can offer you!


What is NOT expected of you?
  • To be a Salsa 'star'already.
    • Don't worry that you aren't 'good enough.'
  • To be a dance prodigy.
    • Some of the most recognised Salsa stars in the world were not the most promising students in their class!
What can you expect of the Monday Mambo Team and our Classes?

A teaching team devoted to helping you develop as a Salsero or Salsera.
A teaching team that genuinely wants to'hook you up' with all that Salsa has to offer the dancer as he/she progresses deeper into the music and dance.
A teaching program that will challenge you, gently, and thus lead you to achieve greater and greater proficiency.

Teaching that focuses on good technique, without fudging, so that you become a genuinely good dancer, and not one that simply looks good but without substance.
Teaching that encourages you to explore your own instincts as a dancer, and how to hook up your imagination and musical feelings to your dancing.
Teaching which addresses the whole class AND the the individual by working with the group, but also setting time aside for each person. No one need feel singled out as all are given the same 1-to-1 opportunities.

A warm, comfortable learning environment in which to learn.
An environment which encourages you to 'own' your dancing through asking questions and seeking clarity on any issue arising in class.
An environment which seeks to integrate you as one big Salsa 'family' from day 1. You are not Intermediates, Improvers and Beginners each locked away from each other till you're 'ready' to join the Scene. From day 1 we ask you to consider yourself Salseros all, and we invite you to DANCE!