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Every 6th Monday the pureSALSA cycle brings us to BAILE! Dundee's only regular midweek salsa fiesta.

Breaking from the usual diet of Salsa, Baile offers you the chance to experience something different from the world of latin dance.

Past workshops have included: Bachata, Pachanga and ChaCha.

This carries on till 8:45pm and not only introduces a new dance, but will definitely warm you up for the night ahead!


From 8:45pm till ~11pm the floor is yours. DJ Will (plays around Scotland: Bannockburn, Glasgow as well as Dundee.)

I bring to you the best Salsa Dura, Salsa Romantica, and Timba to satisfy all your Salsa needs.

Spicing that up are choice offerings of Bachata, ChaCha and Merengue.


Sets are not set in stone, and will adapt to the crowd. So if hardcore Salsa is the primary fuel for the night that's what you will get!

The venue is perfect, the people are amazing, the music is hot and the sofas are comfy!

That's not all - Baile! is more than just the amazing music and dance, it's also about eating, drinking and socialising off the dancefloor.

You are invited to bring your own food and drink, and this typically translates into an international buffet (given our cosmopolitan crowd) where there is too much of either no matter how hungry the many mouths! There is a fully equipped kitchen at hand if you need a preparation area also. (Plastic cups are provided!)


So come along, enjoy this complete latin FIESTA and make Monday the best night of the week!