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Monday Mambo Time!

Every Monday after class finishes ~8:30pm, we open the hall for social dancing until 9:45pm.

Entry is free to current students of the Salsa school, otherwise admission is £2.

I, DJ Will, will spin you the best of Salsa from my extensive collection. You can expect only gems from Salsa Dura, Romantica and Timba for you Casineros out there.

You can also expect some novice-friendly Bachata and Merengue to relax with and with which to pull up any less experienced guests to the dance floor.

We have a beautiful, large dance space.

We have a wonderful latin vibe.

All you need to bring is yourself and your salsa passion.

The Monday Mambo team are on hand to get and keep the party going, and also available for a chat if you wish to plumb the depths of our knowledge on anything Salsa.

To anyone currently in class, be it with us or elsewhere, be in no doubt that from the very beginning of your journey in Salsa, you should be dancing!

Do not dwell on insecurities about your experience, or self judged level of ability.

Every 'advanced' dancer began someplace, and had their own journey through those early months. They will be delighted, not grumpy to see new faces, and similarly pleased to take you to the floor to enjoy SALSA with you.

You go to class to learn to DANCE, not just to go to more classes!

Social dancing, further is where you put class material into action and consolidate it. The more confident you are with past material, the more able you will be to assimilate more!

So just DANCE!